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Contoh Artikel Pendidikan Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh artikel pendidikan berbahasa Inggris - How do you define the education? Education is the beginning of where a person will begin to build a framework of life. Through one's education will be guided, directed and equipped with enough theory how he should live.
In human life taking responsibility, targets and other important matters concerning the life she lived. Education is the foundation upon which a person will be briefed in order to be able to realize all the dreams he had.

Everyone needs the education, both for those who have been awarded that do not have the intelligence or wit. Education will make people grow into better, insightful, wise and know the meaning and responsibilities in life.

What is the definition of education?

A process by which people will be guided to establish their identity to be a better person, knowledgeable and smart.

Why everyone needs an education?

True education is not only to teach people about a theory. Education provides many positive impacts on the way human life that all people need education.

How education can lead a person to the level of a better life?

Not to do a small thing we need a theory, let alone to get something great. With education, then everything would be unrealistic and very likely to be realized.

In fact, many people succeed without armed with a high educational background?

It’s true, but armed with the knowledge that everything will be easier because we already know how to pursue our dreams. education will teach people about a lot of things.

Whoever you are, no one does not need an education. It all starts from the beginning, because it is the process of life, and education will make your life way (with the permission of the almighty).

Believing the wrong opinions about education is a fatal error and is a form of ignorance is shameful.

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