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5 Most Rare Animals That Can Be Only Found in Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropical country having flora and fauna diversity. There are many typical flora and fauna types that can be only found in Indonesia. There are many especially animals that are rare found in Indonesia because illegal hunting. It makes the population decrease. Here are most rare animals that can be only found in Indonesia

Komodo is the largest lizard species in the world. Komodo is naturally only found in island of Nusa Tenggara. The length of Komodo reaches 3 meter with weight of 90 kilograms. The big size is related to the gigantism symptoms. Komodo has some strengths comparing to the other animals. Komodo can run 20 kilometers per hour in a short distance, swim very well, dive 4.5 length, and climb the tree with its strong claws. Despite of that, to catch prey, Komodo can stand with back legs and tail for supporting.

This animal comes from Sulawesi Island. The population of Anoa always decreases every year. Even, there is almost no increase. In Sulawesi Island, there are only some Anoas only. There are no all areas in Indonesia that can find Anoa habitat. The real habitat of Anoa is in forest. Because forest has destroyed, Anoa starts to get lost its original habitat.

Sumatran Tiger
This tiger is a different type of the other tigers in all over the world. This tiger has smaller size than Indian tiger. Because Sumatran tiger lives in forest, its small body can ease for it to survive and catch prey. The population of this tiger is very poor because there are only some left in Indonesian forests. There are many hunters hunting this tiger making the population decreased.

Bekatan is an original monkey type from Kalimantan Island. This animal is easily recognized with its specific characteristics. This animal has long nose and has brown hair on the nose. Bekatan is categorized to be rare animals since the year of 2000. The population of Bekatan is getting decreased so that you cannot find it easily.

Green Peacock

The last rare animal that can be only found in Indonesia is green peacock. The male green peacock has length of 300 cm with long tail. It has straight crest on the head. The tail and this bird crest are used to get interest of female green peacock in swarming. The beauty of its tail is often used for beauty symbol in fashion. This animal starts to be rare and difficult to be found because of illegal hunting.