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All About Keeping Indonesian Turtledoves As Your Pet

Indonesian turtledoves are preffered to be kept as a pet by several bird lovers. It is because turtledoves have their beauties and their lovely sounds that make them lovely to be kept in home, especially in garden. Moreover, turtledoves are easy to keep and also take care. You just need to make sure that the dovecotes are always clean and their foods and drinks are always there. Especially in Indonesia, you need to be careful about the local cats around your home. For more information about keeping turtledoves, here they are.

Feeding Turtledoves
Make sure waters are always available for your turtledoves. Have ideal drinkers in order to prevent your turtledoves bathing in their drinkers. For their bathing place, you can have garden bird bathing in order to provide your turtledoves places to bath. It is suggested to keep the foods and the waters from the ground. So that there is no rats coming around to your garden or home.
For an ideal diet for your turtledoves, it will be better if you mix corns and peas. Corns contain a bunch of wheat which is good for turtledoves. They will complete that mixing with wild seeds when they are picking on the ground. Or you are able to feed them only with full wheat. Turtledoves also eat some greens such as grass. You are able to provide them some greens if you do not have grass in your garden.

Some turtledoves lovers feed them once in one day. The turtledoves will know when their feeding time is, so that it will be easy to teach them to come when you call them or to your whistle. This will also make them being tamer and trusting. In Indonesia, this will be beneficial if the turtledoves are kept in order to join turtledoves contests such as Liga Perkutut Indonesia (LPI).

Tips For Beginners In Keeping Turtledoves
These tips are for the beginners especially in Indonesia who keep turtledoves in order to join turtledoves contests such as Liga Perkutut Indonesia (LPI).
1.      You need to learn first about the sound of turtledoves. The sounds of turtledoves are divided into three parts, front sound, middle sound, and edge sound. Your turtledoves are said excellent if they have those three sounds.

2.      If you want to buy turtledoves, make sure you hear their sound first. Pay attention at their volume and stability of the Indonesian turtledoves.