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All About Salmonella Poisoning You Must Know

In these last few days, there is some news about salmonella outbreaks in the US. It is reported that more than 300 persons from 35 states suffered from salmonella poisoning. What is salmonella poisoning? This article will help you understand more about this condition.

What is salmonella poisoning?
Salmonella poisoning is a considered as food poisoning. This condition is caused by Salmonella bacterium. Children have higher risk of suffering from this poisoning than adults. Those who have impaired immune system or are elderly people or young children will likely suffer from severe salmonella poisoning. This poisoning usually occurs in summer.

People who suffer from this poisoning will suffer from several symptoms. Some of them are abdominal pain, diarrhea, and fever.  These conditions usually occur between 12 and 72 hours after eating foods that are contaminated by this bacterium. It can take 4 to 7 days for them to recover.

Some people can recover from this poisoning without particular treatment. However, some others need to be hospitalized because of severe dehydration. Salmonella poisoning can lead to more serious conditions such as Reiter’s syndrome and chronic arthritis.

Salmonella poisoning causes
People suffer from salmonella poisoning because they eat foods contaminated with salmonella. It can happen in several ways.
Ø  The foods are contaminated during the food processing. Certain foods have high risk of contaminated by salmonella. Some of them are eggs, beef, milk, and other poultry products. However, fruits and vegetables may also be contaminated by this acterium.
Ø  The food handlers’ hands are contaminated by salmonella. As a result, the bacteria are transferred to the foods
Ø  People do not wash their hands after handling their pets. Pets, especially small rodents, are likely carrying salmonella.

How to treat salmonella poisoning
The key of treating salmonella is getting enough fluids to prevent dehydration. To prevent it, people with salmonella poisoning need to sips rehydration drink frequently. They must drink a glass of water after they go to the toilet.

There is no food restriction for people with salmonella poisoning. They must have their usual diet and make sure that they get all the nutrition they need. However, it is better for them to avoid greasy foods, spicy foods, coffee, alcohol, and high-sugar foods and drinks until 2 days after the symptoms disappear.

If the infection has spread, they need to go to the doctor. The doctor will give antibiotics to treat this poisoning. To avoid this poisoning, you must wash your hand first before eating and avoid eating raw foods