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Are you a fan of coffee and tea drinks? Although it contains caffeine, these types of drink also have a variety of benefits that are very good for your body’s health. In addition, drinking a cup of tea  or coffee in the morning or evening has become a habit majority of our society nowadays. This trend makes people become more inseparable to consume these drinks either during their break time or busiest time. So, does caffeine gives you more benefits or harms to your body’s health? Below are some information of each positive and negative sides by drinking coffee and tea that contains caffeine
1.      Coffee
a.      what are the benefits?
                                                              i.      It helps you to prevent diabetes type 2, which is a common disease that occurs to many Indonesian people from various range of age.
                                                            ii.      It can protect you from the risk of Alzheimer disease
                                                          iii.      It can boost a short term of memory
                                                          iv.      A recent study shows that some ingredients in the coffee can help to create a new medicine to cure heart disease as well as insomnia
                                                            v.      The caffeine in the coffee can improve the effectivity in reducing the pain.
                                                          vi.      It can protect you from liver disease
                                                        vii.      It can lower the risk of death caused by heart disease
b.      The disadvantage of coffee
                                                              i.      It can cause a change of color in your teeth (mostly it will make your teeth color gets yellowish)
                                                            ii.      It can reduce the stock of blood that being transported to the heart
                                                          iii.      More than 1000 chemical ingredients found in roasted coffee beans have karsinogen substances
                                                          iv.      It is not good to be consumed by pregnant woman, since a high consumption of coffee drinks (8 cups or more of black coffee) will likely to increase the risk of unborn baby.
2.      Tea
a.      The benefits
                                                              i.      Green tea will help protect you from lung cancer
                                                            ii.      Green tea can also reduce the risk of esophagus cancer that almost as much as 60% occurs to woman
                                                          iii.      White and green tea consists of anti oxidant substances that may contain an anti aging substances
                                                          iv.      White tea can help you to prevent obesity
                                                            v.      It contains fluoride that can protect your teeth.
b.      The disadvantages
                                                              i.      By adding milk to your tea drink can reduce the benefits of tea that can reduce risk of cancer

                                                            ii.      Tea contains of caffeine that is proven to cause higher blood pressure and higher anxiety level