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El Nino is Linked to the Extreme Weather in 2016

El Nino and global extreme weather has been linked since several years ago. In 2016, the extreme weather in the whole world are even increased. According to the recent research, El Nino is one of the main factor that increases extreme weather, especially in the archipelago area.

Why El Nino increase the bad weather
Based on the research that is conducted in Hawaii, the concentration of CO2 has been increased up to more than 400 parts per million in Mauna Lao volcano. The carbon dioxide increases the temperature in the atmosphere that results the El Nino phenomenon in tropical area. Prof. Richard Bett from the UK Met Office says that the level of carbon dioxide in 2016 increases to touch the highest level in the last twenty years. The El Nino even makes the situation worse. The El Nino flows the CO2 higher to the atmosphere and increase the temperature in the atmosphere.

The situation gets worse due to the high level of air pollution. The rain forest area becomes smaller and smaller that leads to lower oxygen level in the atmosphere and increase the CO2 level. Normally, the carbon dioxide level is expected to rise about 2ppm per year. In fact, in 2016 the carbon dioxide level rises up to 3.15 ppm. The scientists believe that the El Nino becomes harder than the usual seasonal tropical hurricane. It happens because of the warmer temperature on the sea-surface in the Easter Pacific.  In increase the wave and the wind to get 25% harder than the normal conditions and proofs that El Nino and global extreme weather have been a global phenomenon.
Worse situation coming

Small tsunami is predicted to happen in most of archipelago countries, including Indonesia., especially in the island that facing the Indian ocean and the north coast of Australia. It is indeed happening because of the El Nino phenomenon. The situation gets worse for the global air pollution in Asia has been raised without any rain forest to filter and balance the carbon dioxide levels.
The situation in some islands such as south coast of Java, Sumatra, Bali, and Lombok, should have not been this worse. Unfortunately, the moon gravitation is in the strongest position for the moon, the sun, and the Earth are located in the shortest distance. It increases the level of ocean wave. The wave becomes higher and stronger than usual. Then, the El Nino flows it to the island.

Go green is the solution
How can we save the Planet Earth?
The Earth has been in its critical situation. The global warming has affected the whole population especially the poles of the Earth. The El Nino becomes worse and the sea-surface level increase to due to the volume of the ocean water. Ironically, the Earth water level is decreasing to the lowest level.

Today, the tsunami is just small tsunami and it is not dangerous. But, no one can guarantee that the tsunami would not get bigger because of the high carbon dioxide level. The only solution is to go green and save the rain forest to prevent the next effect of El Nino and global extreme weather.