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It Shouldn’t be Difficult to Write a Poem

Poetry consists of rhymes, beautiful words and terms that have hidden meanings and symbols of everything. You can write a poem about your loved one, friends, lovely dog, parents, even nature. However, to start writing a poem for some people is not easy. It could be lack of ideas and inability to compose such interesting and excellent words. As we know since we were a kid, poetry is difficult. It is not like a short story or novel. A poem is written in short details but full of meanings. Inspiration is the main thing you need in looking for a method to approach poetry writing.

Looking for theme or idea is the first step to start writing a poem. It can be anything! It can be a place, person, thing, situation or even an abstract topic. The poem is successful if you put your feelings there and care about the topic. But choosing a topic or an idea is mostly difficult for people, especially students. So this is a tip for you. We hope you find it is easy and poetry will not haunt you forever. Find a book, any book you like or is being read, open it, and go to a random page. Close your eyes while pointing to whatever words on the page. Now open your eyes and see where your finger is pointing to. Write a poem about it, can be an image or a word. Inspiration also comes when you are going to a short vacation, visiting a close friend, watching news, or listening to a favorite song. The chance of getting inspiration actually comes from everywhere and it is endless.

The next thing to do after getting an idea or a topic is to try delivering your messages. Through the poem you write, definitely you want to tell someone about something. So you need to emphasize what you are achieving in this poem. Are you trying to tell your own experience, or are you trying to create a sad feeling or are you trying to underline something? Some poems are written to show your point of view so readers would agree with you. At one point, you use poetry to amuse readers with rhythm, wordplay, music, and rhyme. Reasons to start writing a poem can be about everything.

Poetry shows different kinds of feelings. It can be sad, happy, and curious over something, or just being worried. And as much as possible, your words should have the five senses. A good poem enables readers to obviously hear, see, taste, smell, or to feel anything. Are you ready to start writing a poem?