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Komodo dragon, the Giant Lizard from Indonesia

Indonesia as a region which is located in tropical climate has unique species of animal that cannot be found in other regions. One of the unique species that you can find in Indonesia is Komodo. This species is known to be the biggest living lizards exist on earth. Komodo or Komodo dragons are widely known with its large body size and flattened head. They also have curvy legs, as well as long, sturdy, and muscular tails. This animal is original inhabitant in specific island in Indonesia which also has name like this lizard, Komodo Island. This island is known to be the sanctuary for Komodo species and becomes of the most recommended destinations to visit in the world.
The majority of Komodo dragons come with body size ranges from 8 to 9 feet. The females commonly are smaller size which can reach 6 feet. This species of lizard has different kinds of colours such as green, blue, and orange. But, they dominantly has grey body colour. They own thick and rough skin which is pretty durable. There are long claws that can be easily spotted from their legs and large tails which can be used to hurt their prey. They have good smelling ability to detect their foods. They can sense their air surround them in order to know if is prey which approach them.

This giant lizard can live in several habitats such as tropical forest and savannah. They like places which receive great amount of heat usually around 35 degrees Celcius. They commonly create a burrow as their nest. The burrow helps them to get warm atmosphere at night but stay cool on the day time. The distribution of this animal is not rampant so that it cannot be easily found in any place in Indonesia. It only can be found in specific regions in Indonesia such as Komodo Islands, Flores, Gili Montang, and Rinca.

Komodo is considered as carnivore so that its main food is meat. They can catch prey well. Their prey includes big animals such as buffalo, cow, deer, and wild pigs. They even prey same species with smaller size. They kill their prey by hitting them with their large feet first. Then, they use their sharp teeth to rip them. Although their prey can evade from them, they usually cannot live longer since the saliva of Komodo contains poison which transferred to the prey’s body while biting.