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Make Your Internet as Scientific Source

Science deals with researches and theory. When you are about to make a paper or essay and need a scientific proof, you can actually go to the internet to find out many books and theory of your necessity. But still keep in mind that not all them is credible enough or trustable. Most of them though is a complete made up opinion of one individual and you have to be careful to choose what to cite for your paper and essay. To be precise, a good source of scientific article can be identified such as journal, published paper, interview, and e-books.
Here are some tips to get a better method using
the internet as your scientific source.
Know What You Are Looking for.

To make an effective research over the internet, you have to understand clearly and specifically what you are going to search. Google can be a very good search engine to look for pdfs and e-book or published journal if you know how. In order to maximize search engine function, you got to know first the thing you want to search. For example, if you are writing a paper about linguistics and need to know more about discourse analysis theory, you better know who the author of the theory is and the book title. For instance, “Nacbar and Lause introduction to Discourse Analysis”

Choose Which Site is the Credible One.

The next step is to choose which one is the best to cite. The easiest one is always referring to a personal blog or some personal website. But you have to read the entire article to identify it is scientific enough with a citation to original author and theory, if there is no theory and author mentioned at all you can move to another website. The most difficult one is to a website with published journal and scientific article. They usually required you to register first and sometimes it is a paid subscription.

Be Aware How to Cite the Source.This is what caused many people with plagiarism problem. When you put the statement or the theory of the author from the journal, article, book that you got, you have to mention the source as well. It is as a form of credit that you are not stealing the thoughts or the theory from them. There are three citation styles: APA, MLA, Chicago.
·                   APA citation style.
Hawking, Stephen. (1988). A Brief History of Time. United Kingdom: Cambridge.
MLA citation style.
Hawking, Stephen. A Brief History of Time. United Kingdom: Cambridge. 1988
Chicago citation style.
Hawking, Stephen. 1988. A Brief History of Time. United Kingdom: Cambridge.

If you can manage to understand these three important tips, you can make your internet useful and become a good source for a scientific purpose, and the needs of science.