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New Diabetes Medication that Improves Heart Condition

More and more people are suffering from diabetes. Years ago, this condition is commonly suffered by people over 50 years. These days, younger people also suffer from diabetes. This condition cannot be treated. However, certain medication can be used to control the blood glucose level.
What is diabetes?
Diabetes is a condition in which the blood glucose level is too high. This condition is caused by the body inability to produce enough insulin to change blood glucose to energy. In another condition, the pancreas produces enough amount of insulin. But, the body cells do not react to this enzyme.

People with diabetes type 2 usually do not realize that they suffer from this condition. It usually develops slowly and unnoticed. They will notice this condition once they suffer from severe diabetes symptoms. Meanwhile, diabetes type 1 develops very quickly. Here are some diabetes symptoms.
v  Urinating frequently at night
v  Losing weight drastically without dieting
v  Blurred vision
v  Fatigue
v  Feeling thirsty all the time
v  Cuts heal very slowly
v  Itching

How to control blood glucose level
To maintain normal blood glucose level, people with diabetes must follow a strict diet. They must avoid eating high-calorie food and sugary drinks. In this diet they must limit their intake of carbohydrate. They must also choose healthy carbohydrate such as brown rice and whole grain. People with diabetes must also take more vegetables and fruits. Another thing they must do is replacing sugar in their drinks with dietary sweetener.
However, diet alone cannot control the blood glucose level effectively. They must also take diabetes medication for it. If they are not dieting and take their medication, they will suffer from more serious complications. Some of the complications are heart attack and kidney damage.
Some people are not willing to take the diabetes medication because it causes them to gain weight and feel uncomfortable. The good news is that there is a new medication for people with diabetes.
Conventional medication works by pushing the glucose into the cells. As a result, some diabetes patients gain more weight than they want. But, the new medication is different. It targets the glucose directly so that the glucose is brought out along with the urine.
Medical experts realize that diabetes can cause heart failure. That’s why they create new diabetes medication which can decrease the risk of heart attack. This medication can also lower the blood pressure. As a result, people with diabetes can stop worrying about the complication of diabetes.