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Night Sweats: Is It Just Sweats or the Symptom of Diseases?

Some people often question about what causes night sweats, especially they who are easily sweating. For some people night sweats is just normal because they just easily excess sweat when the room temperature gets higher. However, for some people night sweats really indicates something. Before consulting the conditions to a doctor about the night sweats.

Observe your body
Beside indicating your health conditions, there are several factors that trigger night sweats. First, you have to observe your bedroom such as the room temperature and your bedding. The normal room temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius, some people even enjoy lower temperature for their bedroom. If the temperature is more than 25 degrees Celsius and you have non-cotton bedding, especially the sheet and the blanket, it is normal for you to sweat while sleeping.
Second, observe what you are wearing. If you are going to bed wearing sweat pants or too much clothes, you will be likely to sweat all night. It is suggested for you to wear comfortable and minimal clothes while sleeping. Third, check your body temperature and you health. It will be easier for you to sweat if you got fever, flu, or your body temperature higher than the usual. It is suggested for you to lower the room temperature or provide more access to the natural air, change the sheet and blanket with cotton fabric, and wear more comfortable and minimal clothes before bed. You are all okay, if the sweat does excess too much after this.

More serious factors
Though, night sweats mostly triggered by external factors, there are several more serious factors of what causes night sweats that you have to pay attention:

Idiopathic or hyperhydrosis is a condition where the body produces too much sweats. It seems extreme, but there is no clear medical cause.
Any kind of infections will make the immune system of our body to work harder to fight bacteria and viruses. So, the temperature will go higher and the metabolic system will also work harder and causes night sweats.
You have to be aware if you experience night sweats together with frequent fever and extreme weight loss. These symptoms are associated to cancer or an indication that there might be tumor that is growing to be cancer.
Medical treatments
Some medical treatments and drugs such as antidepressant medications, aspirin, and acetaminophen  commonly triggers night sweats. 
Low blood sugar and as well as any medical treatments that lower blood pressure and level commonly cause night sweat.
Hormone disorder and neurologic conditions
There are several hormone disorder such as hyperthyroidism and  carcinoid syndrome that commonly cause night sweats. Some neurologic conditions such as stroke, autonomic neuropathy, and syringomyelia are the other common factors that cause night sweats.

Though the serious factors seem to be scary, there will also be another factors that cause night sweats. You have to visit the doctor to get general checkup before getting the exact reason of why you get too much night sweats. So, what causes night sweats can be a lot of factors.