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Social Media for Indonesian Teenagers : Is it good or bad??

The behavior of todays Indonesian teenagers tend to negative side. There are many aspects that can trigger this case. One of the factor is most of the Indonesian teenager are still not ready to receive the globalization effects through digital media that is now become a primary media to receive and share information such as from internet. This further leads to the change of lifestyle by following the trend of western lifestyle that they saw from internet. As a result, Indonesian culture is no longer become their main tradition among the Indonesian teenagers as a guidance for them to do their daily activities. On the other hand, this case is almost similar to a culture shock syndrome. In which, once the teenagers see or listen one world trending topic, then this topic can be easily a wide-spread information among the teenagers and most of them will likely to follow the trend without having a prior consideration of the good and bad impact of it.

Second, most of Indonesian teenagers nowadays want to be more recognized among other teenagers. By the existence of internet, it is getting easier to make it achieved by simply uploading their photos or video on their social media such as Instagram, facebook and etc. The current trend of social media among teenagers nowadays is based on how many likes and comments received on their posts. This trend leads the teenagers to post any content just to get high number of likes for their posts without considering whether or not their posts bring benefits to the readers. Even worse, the posts will easily become trend among other teenagers. In addition, A study shows that Indonesian teenagers spend most of their time on internet and the activities done on internet are considered less productive. This negative trend gives a very big impact that can affect the cultural aspects of Indonesia that further can make Indonesian culture and value to be forgotten, especially by the next young generation.

In order to prevent this negative trend among Indonesian teenagers keep going, there are several things that can be done. First, parents as the first media to deliver the knowledge for the teenagers, should protect their children from negative content from the internet access as best as they can. Parents should also control their children by reminding them with certain moral value so that the teenagers can consider about the dos and don’t’s to do their activity. Second, the school as the second media for the Indonesian teenagers to gain knowledge should also conduct some socialization on how to be a good internet users and influencer.