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Stylish and Creative Bedroom Design Ideas

Creative bedroom is needed for those who want a unique and unusual bedroom. Since bedroom is a place where you take a rest and get a beauty sleep, you sure want your bedroom as comfy and inspiring as possible, so that you can comfortably getting relaxed. Comfortable does not always mean comfy bed and matress, but also design. If you have a stylish and inspiring bedroom design, you sure want to spend your time in your bedroom.
Here are some creative and stylish design ideas for your bedroom.
Rustic Style
Rustic style for your bedroom surely needs your creativity. Since rustic style is dominated by wooden furnishings, such as wooden flooring and wooden bedroom storage. You can do DIY to make your own wooden bedroom furnishings. For the walls of your bedroom, you can paint them with gray color to make a pretty blending with the brown color from the wood. If it is possible, choose black bed or matress to make your bedroom stylish yet mysterious.

Romantic Style
For the creative side, choose hanging bed. This will instantly bring creativity and style to your bedroom. For the flooring, choose white marble flooring or white ceramic flooring and combine it with white single sofa or white love seat, in order to give clean look to your bedroom. Paint the walls with light gray or pale gray to add a bit color. This design will bring warmth to your bedroom. To make the romantic style even stronger, you can hang your photos with your spouse or family members.

Dark Style
For the dark style, you can just simply paint the walls with gray color and add creativity by drawing a picture in the walls. This must be a pleasure for you who love drawing. Add some greens in your bedroom to strengthen the creativity and uniqueness. Combine it with gray bedroom and also gray flowing curtains to bring elegance to your bedroom. Have soft lightings to make your bedroom looks mysterious.

Industrial Style

Choose bed without any board or you can just simply have matress to instantly bring unique and creative look to your bedroom. Have wooden door and wooden floring, and combine them with brick walls. Or you just can paint the walls of your bedroom with brick effect to make the industrial style even stronger. Hang a painting so that the wall won’t look plain and blank. This is suitable for guys bedroom which is creative.