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Sumatran Tiger, a Rare Species of Tiger in Indonesia

Tiger are common types of animal that live in tropical regions like Indonesia. However, Indonesia has particular species of tiger which is really well-known across the globe. It happens to be Panthera tigris the Latin name for Sumatran tiger. This species of tiger is not only famous with its special characteristic but also widely known since it is included in rare species of animal which almost extinct. It is due to reckless hunt which take the fur and some body parts of the tiger. These tigers’ natural habitats which are removed for run-off agriculture and construction are suspected to be the other factor that causes the extinction of this species.
Sumatran tigers these days only can be encountered in small parts in Sumatera. It is suspected that the species which live on its natural habitat only live around 400 tigers. The natural habitats of this tiger species vary from rainforest, mountain, and swamps. They commonly can be found in the areas which near to stream. They live individually and unsociable. Although they do not like live in a group but they are quite friendly with their friends and like to share foods. They really protect their territory by giving it mark using their urine feces so that other tigers do not use that area.

Similar with common tigers, the Sumatran species also has fur with strong colours sometimes it looks quite reddish and combined with black stripes. The uniqueness depends on the stripes since each tiger usually come with different pattern. They have long legs with webbed feet which make them able to leap in long distance. The shape of feet allows them to swim easily in the river which is quite uncommon in cat species. They are to swim in several streams to catch their prey. Compared with other tigers, the Sumatrans has smaller body size but it can reach 9 feet in length. Their weight varies from 165 to 250 pounds. Meanwhile, their life span can reach 15 years.

Sumatran tigers are carnivores and they are very good hunters. All moving creatures usually become their prey. While hunting its prey, they hide in the bushes and jump on them when the prey passes by. They use their strong legs, sharp claws, and jaws to leap on and kill the prey. They come with sharp eyesight and hear ability so that they can detect their prey easily. Deer and wild pigs happen to be their common preys.