The Importance of Reading Skill for Academic

If you ever heard a sentence says book is the window of the world, it is true. There are a lot of educational researches who show the essential relation between reading skill and knowledge or academic. It means that a student with good reading skill does better in school compared to those who have weak reading skill. It is because students with good reading skill the structures and also ideas of a writing.

Moreover, if you love to read, you automatically improve your knowledge of vocabulary. Students with good reading skill have goodknowledges of vocabulary. This is one of the reason why they do well in their schools. Since they have a wide range of vocabulary, they know and understand the meaning of unfamiliar words. So that they read and also understand a writing easily. So that if you want to improve your knowledge of vocabulary, you should read more books.

Good reading skill also has the relation with good writing skill. Students with good reading skills have good writings which are beautifully different from others. The structure of their writings are impressive, and the vocabulary they use in their writings are not common which make their writings even more special. The characteristic of their writings are personal and has its own style and genre so that no one is able to duplicate them.

Some educational researches also show the relation between good reading skill with success in academic. It is because students in all ages with good reading skill tend to have more knowledges compared to those who do not really like to read. They have a wide range of knowledges. So that they have impressive grades in school. Though this depends on what book the students read. If related to academic, of course the books which play role in academic success are educational books.

For you, parents who want your children do well in their school, it will be better if you encourage them to love reading. You can provide your children their own private library or bookshelves in their rooms. Make sure the bookshelves are interesting and attractive in order to encourage them reading books. There are a lot of bookshelves ideas which can be your inspirations. In conclusion, reading any kinds of books whether it is educational books or entertainment books such as novel, will give you knowledges you never know before.
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