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Tutorial on How to Make Up Naturally for Round Face

If you are a woman with chubby cheek, do not get worried on correct your face shape. This is an expensive medical procedure to have liposuction and other beauty operation. With the right make up technique, you can look stunning like idol actress. You can try applying natural makeup for daily appropriate for round face shape. Having round face with chubby cheek is a miracle making you look always younger. But, sometimes it does not make you confident. These are steps of tutorial on how to make up naturally for round face.

Eye Make Up
Eye part becomes a vital part in making up face because it shows the real expression on your face. To make face more tapering, you have to apply make up making wide eye impression. The wide eyes make your face look oval and balance to the decoration of eyes. The use of eyeliner can be benefited to give eye effects. Make a line on the eyes on top eyelid. Then, end it by making a curving line or cat eyes. You can select eyeliner types that are easily and comfortably used like liquid, gel eyeliner, or crayon eyeliner.
Lips Make Up
To make up lips in natural make up ways for round face, it must be adjusted to your lips shape. For you having thin lips, you can apply glossy or shining lipstick to give a containing-lips impression. Do not forget to make a lip frame by using lip liner. Otherwise, for those having full lips, it is better to select matte lipstick in order that the attention of people does not merely direct to your lips only. The application of glossy liquid lipstick is not recommended because it makes your lip wider and not proportional.
Cheek Make Up
It is the time for cheek make up. The cheek make up must be right making your face beautiful. Firstly, make face contour first on the eyebrow area and cheek. Then, apply blush on based on the made frame on the cheek. To do this thing, it requires exercises. You can see its full tutorial in internet on how to make face contour with shading techniques on actress makeup. Do not apply too much blush on because it does not show you naturally in public.
Hair Do

The last tutorial step to do is concerning on hairdo makeup. Some hair models can be tried to camouflage the round face shape. Curly bob with semi long becomes a nice choice for this face. In addition, you can try applying bob shaggy with layers covering cheek. For those liking short hair, you can choose edgy bob hair cut with thick cut on the cheek. If you have a round face, it needs to be careful on selecting the best haircut and hairdo applied in order to make your face look oval. Having the wrong hairdo makes your face look very round. It absolutely decreases your confidence because you look fatter. It is importantly selecting hair cut covering chubby cheek area to get tapering.