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UTIs in Women: When Should We See the Doctor?

UTIs in women are very common. About 75% of women in the world have a great chance of getting urinary tract infection or UTI. Thus, you have to know more about the causes, the symptoms, and the home remedies. It's important to decide if you need to see the doctor soon.
Causes and symptoms
Women have shorter urinary tract than men. It makes bacteria and viruses easier to infect the urethra, the tract that transport urine from bladder to the outside of the body, and even the kidneys.  There are numerous factors that makes bacteria and viruses infects the urethra, but there are at least three main factors:
1.     Not drinking enough water
Lacking of water will make the kidneys work very hard, especially if you drink sodas, alcohol, coffee, and any other diuretic beverage. The urethra would be too dry and it triggers infections.
2.     Having sex
It is not a secret that having sex introduces bacteria to the urethra. It is suggested for both of you to urinate and wash the genitalia area before and after sex. You should also have to make sure that you have no infections and wash your mouth if you want to enjoy oral sex. You should also make sure that both of you have no allergy to the condoms or other birth controls.
3.     Swab the genital area right
The last factor is that some women do not swab their genital area after urination right. You must swab the genital area from front to back. Do not touch the genital area after you touch rectum area. It is one of main factors that causes  UTIs in women.
When to see the doctor
You should really pay attention on the symptoms:
1.    burning while urination
2.    an urgent or frequent urge to urine and mostly there would only very little urine coming out
3.    pain in lower abdomen
4.    feeling shaky and tired
5.    dark, cloudy, and strange smell urine
It is still okay, if you only experience burning while urination and a frequent or urgent urge to pee without any other symptoms. To cure the symptoms, you just have to avoid any diuretic beverage, drink more water, and drink warm lime juice with some sugar in the morning and evening. The UTIs should get better in one to two days. Drinking more water may make you urge to pee more frequently, it is a great opportunity to observe. The burning sensation should not be getting worse. You should also pay attention on the urine. Pay attention on the color, the more intense and darker the color, the worse the UTI is. It is still okay, when you find the urine a little cloudy, but you should go to the hospital when you find any blood or dark solid thing in the urine.
Medical treatments

Commonly the doctor will observe the lower abdomen with stethoscope and by pressing the lower abdomen. You should tell the doctor what you drink recently, how you clean the genital area, and whether you recently having sex or stop having sex. Generally, you will get one injection to stop the pain and burning sensation, and get two types medicine: anti-infection and antibiotic. You have to follow the medical treatments generally in 3 – 5 days. It is suggested to not having sex during the medical treatments to prevent worse  UTIs in women.