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Varicose veins : What is it? and How to cure this disease?

Varicose veins is a disease in which the patient will experience an abnormal form of a widening vein on the surface of the leg skin. The followings are some information that can help you to find out about varicose veins in more details:
a. What causes varicose veins?
Until now, it is still unsure about the cause of varicose veins. However, it is suspected that it is caused by unsmooth process of blood circulation around the valves and legs as it holds the weight of the body. Other possibilities of what causes varicose veins are as below:
1.      Decreasing elasticity of veins that caused the veins get weakened and become unable to transport the blood to the heart as it supposed to be. The flow of the blood from the legs to the heart is against the gravity, thus, the blood vessels must be strong enough to process. so does the dynamics of surrounding muscles.
2.      The damage of vein valves. In fact, the valves play a role to prevent the blood that flows to the heart from going out of the vessels. Thus, a damaged valve will definitely create an unstoppable blood in the blood vessels and lead to impaired blood flow.  When the veins lose its elasticity, it will be stretched and more elongated that may cause the blood meander to clt and form varicose veins.

b. What are the symptoms of varicose veins?
There are several symptoms of varicose veins. First, the patients’s leg will easily to get tired which sometimes include pain. However, there are also some other patients who do not feel the pain, but the veins still getting widened. Second,  the patients will also likely to experience itchy sensations of their legs that may cause redness to their leg skin.

c. How to cure varicose veins
ü  Self treatment
Until now, the varicose veins are still considered as a disease which is difficult to cure, however, there are at least some treatments that can be done to prevent more severe complications. A simple way to do is by lifting the foot to reduce the symptoms. Try to avoid wearing high heels or standing for a long time due to a routine activity of certain professions (such as cashier, barber man, etc)
ü  Medical treatment
If the symptoms are getting worse, the patient is best recommended to do surgery after consulting with a doctor to cure the varicose veinsas fast as possible.