Ways to Be More Creative Person

Creativity is surely needed in your life, in order to make you an innovative person. You sure do not want to do the same thing the whole of your life and makes your life flat. However, creativity is not something you are able to get easily. Some people find it hard to be a creative person. Creativity is able to be learned, but it also has to be maintained. For you who want to be more creative person, here are the hows.

Adjust Your Mindset
Keep following your personal taste and idea. You are the only one who knows what you want and your needs. If you ask other people’s opinion, it will be biased since they have their own tastes and ideas too, and surely different from yours. Their intentions are good, but you may end up being directed to their personal ideas. You are allowed to ask other people’s feedback, but do not let them persuade or even change your personal taste and idea.
Instead, you give opinion and feedback to your work yourself. Do not be scared to criticize your own work or even yourself. Find something wrong in your work, and ask yourself how to make it better. But make sure you do not become a perfectionist. Accept that you are not a perfect person, just focus on how to be a better version of you. Being perfectionist will block you from doing experiments which make you more creative person. Focus on how to make your bad ideas better instead of making your good ideas more perfect.

Do Your Own Thing
Make sure you are not influenced by nowadays trends. Being aware of up to date trends will make you an up to date person, but do not let those trends influence your own work and idea, just so you can be called a trendy person. Find and do things which are able to inspire you instead. If you work or idea is different from trend, it does not mean you are an old fashioned person, you are a unique person instead.

Do your own thing when you are alone. This does not mean you have to be less sociable. But being alone while doing your work will make you focus and find out what you really want. Mostly people are more focused and inspired in the morning. Also, you can make collaboration in order to inspirations.
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