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Home Security Technology

Keeping your family safe is the top priority. The fact remains; We live in a world that is dangerous. Bad things do happen. We can try our best to remain relatively safe in an uncertain world, although no one is safe. Part of keeping you and your family of injury is investing in a house alarm system. That means you need to be on top of the latest security technologies and gadgets. Below, we have a review of some of the most current and most innovative products in home security on the market.

Powered Door Locks: Why waste precious time trying to lock The time you lose in locking all your doors could mean the difference between life and death. Powered door locks spare you the trouble. These work remotely; you can command your doors to lock at the same time. It simplifies matters and it can be useful at night-you won't ever forget to lock the back door again.

Secure Rooms: Think space that is safe for your goods. The room is a protected space. Safe rooms are always kept under lock and key and come equipped with door contacts and motion sensors. They are also put under a distinct security zone, and they are armed 24/7.

Buried Coaxial Cables: These cables are utilized to protect perimeters which are otherwise unprotected by a fence or some other barrier. Coaxial cables are buried one cable functions as a transmitter. An invisible field is created, which is impossible to detect and leap over. This technology can also pinpoint any intrusions within three feet.

Reinforced CCTV Camera: The Moondance Ballistic from Extreme CCTV is a security camera on steroids. This camera is made up of steel that was reinforced. It was built for the most extreme environments-the Arctic, hurricanes, marine habitats, airports, etc.-so it's one tough camera. It has its pair of wiper blades in the event of rain or snow or sleet or anything that falls from the sky. This makes the perfect complement. 

Infrared Cameras: If the above Camera is out of your budget, consider installing infrared cameras. IR cameras can see what humans can't. Human vision is limited, falling within a range of the electromagnetic spectrum. IR cameras can see much further than that. So, even these cameras still work. If you got a CCTV camera and didn't need to purchase another IR camera, get an illuminator instead. An area floods with infrared lighting letting your normal camera to record in the dark. 

Remember, no price is too great when it comes to home security. By installing quality, protect your family Alarm system with all the necessary accouterments.

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