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The Importance of Your Domain Name For Your Online Business and Internet Marketing

Are you taking your current business online or are you considering marketing online, that is without the bricks and mortars? Don't you have any notion of what the INTERNET is? Yes, I understand, you know your PC very well, you can surf OK and get your email and excellent with all that but when it comes to having your site am I right? You know what I mean, where is it? How do you set up it? OK, I understand. I was like you. But I found out the way to do this, and now I am giving seminars on the marketing.

What you must do. First, register a domain name. No just any domain name or your business name (with exceptions). If you are in the business of say, manufacturing gardening tools, you don't want a domain name such as '' (Peter Neil And Partners) Great name for a corporate image, no good for the search engines. A domain name such as 'gardening tools.' is awesome. Straight away the domain name has told the search engines that you deal with gardening resources. 

Check out the competition for this domain name, not just to see if it's taken. Search engines such as Google, the worlds No.1 love content and value. So, a RELEVANT domain name with RELEVANT keywords AND Description in the META tags. These tags must demonstrate that it is linked to the body text of your page. Get a good host to host your site. I would recommend HostGator in the USA. They are VERY very reasonable, and the cPanel is FAB!
You should also host with a UK host if your domain and hosted with a US host. Why? Well, search engines move in mysterious ways, and they will think that just because you've hosted in the US that your company is located in the US, so the search engines will list you in the US! What a bummer!!

Ok. We've got a domain name, a host. Now you must tell the domain name (point to it) in which your hosting company is by entering your domain cPanel and set the nameservers. It's easy to do. The information would have been emailed to you. Once you've got the point your domain to your server, it is going to take 24 to 72 hours for it to resolve. In the meantime, you could be making your website and getting ready to upload it using a fantastic FTP Client/program.

Setting the FTP Client/program can be a bit tricky, just fill in the required field. This info has supplied by your host to you. Once the domain has resolved your site is alive. Well done!!!

Just because your site is active on the World Wide Web, it doesn't mean that you'll find a flood of traffic. Visitors, to your site. You need to tell the search engines that you're ALIVE. Proceed to Google search and put 'add URL to Google' in the search box. Add your URL when the page has loaded, you're done. Use an entry program, like Dynamic Submission - cheap, at the start of the month, every month to submit on a regular basis keeping the search engines aware of your website and the back link.

Well done if you're still with me!

You can sit back and rest! Await the money! NO! NO! NO! It doesn't work like that! You have to keep a constant check on your site's performance. Check it if it's low, improve it by tweaking body text and the keywords, descriptions to balance the relevancy. If you are using Google Adwords, what's your conversion rate for your PPC, pay per click? Are you losing your shirt and getting nowhere fast? Well, it's all frustrating, and many marketers that are potential are put off by the complexity of websites and online advertising. There is not any need to be confused. I've started to talk at seminars on these areas of concern.