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14 Points Crypto Project real or not

The crypto project is starting to be loved by many business people. One reason is that crypto is a new decentralized business model. As the owner of these digital assets, their transparency and transparency are guaranteed. The decentralized system also eliminates the authority that will monopolize and control the business. Each stakeholder has full access to their respective assets. This is what makes many people more interested in crypto projects.
14 Points Crypto Project real or not

There are many crypto projects started to work on, which offer fantastic benefits to beginners (as a pioneer). When you remember, this is what happened to the first coin, which is Bitcoin. Not many people were interested in the initial launch. However, as time goes on, crypto science is growing. People increasingly understand crypto projects. Bitcoin is an example of a fantastic crypto project, the price of which will reach $ 20,000 in 2017.

Everyone knows that Bitcoin is a real crypto project that already has many communities. And Bitcoin has changed many people's thinking about the world of finance.

Now the crypto projects are being worked on. With the ICO (Initial coin offering) program, the crypto project aims to create a community. The ICO program provides a massive profit offer for members who buy the coins.

This pre-order phenomenon is offered on new crypto projects. But, it's really disappointing as much as 75% of the crypto projects fail. The goals listed in the Coin Market Cap were not successful. These coins are called "shitcoin."

Thus, beginners must be careful in choosing a crypto project. Do not be promised with big profits, making you deluded. Get to know the crypto project in more detail, so you can get the benefit in the long term.

14 Points Crypto Project real or not, which are:

1. Who is the Founder?

This is very important in building trust. For stakeholders who are familiar with the details of the founder of the crypto, he will have strong confidence in the crypto project. With an assumption that "where may the founder who clearly exists, want to commit fraud."

2. Project Management Team

In any business management, of course, managed by various parties. So, the structure of the task structure of the team will be clear. This shows that the crypto project that will be developed is running well and is in the right management team as well.

3. Real products and Road Map

There are real products created from the crypto project. Its existence exists and is beneficial to stakeholders. To convince the public of the sustainability of the product. Then, there must be a road map of the product. A road map aims to show the targets of crypto projects in the future. Thus, stakeholders will understand the goals of the crypto project in detail.

4. Transparency

At this point, it is essential, considering the many steps that will be taken by the team as planning until the success of the product produced. There needs to be transparency and honesty to what extent the crypto project process is. By doing so, the stakeholders do not give negative assumptions to the developer. Even with clarity, the stakeholders will be more loyal and always hope together until the crypto project is completed.

5. Whitepaper

Implementation of the master plan is essential so that there is transparency on the crypto project that is being completed. The master plan also provides guidelines for stakeholders that need to be implemented, thus creating a robust ecosystem.

6. Profit Fluctuation and Logic

Business projects that provide profit fluctuations are long-term businesses. Profit fluctuations indicate the business plan is real. Remember! Any company has risks (loss or profit). Proper control of assets, that's the strategy to get an advantage.

All real crypto projects provide fantastic profits. However, not all crypto projects are without risk. Find crypto projects with low risk, because the price of crypto can be high and can below. That is the risk of buying crypto.

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7. There are no secret strategies, sophisticated strategies, and rewards

8. There is no definite cost structure, many packages, and programs to enter before getting the real product.

9. Easy to liquidate & have a precise request strategy for cryptos created.

10. Github presented - Remove fundamental analysis & assessment framework

11. No manipulation from untrusted parties & evil actors

12. Receive what you BUY and value what you SELL

13. First education of presenting a product or project

14. A comprehensive R and D of technology from the teams involved (Management, developers, promoters).

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