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Advantages of DDKoin versus Bitcoin in Business aspects

DDKoin and Bitcoin are both cryptocurrencies. However, it is different from the technology and way of mining coins. DDKoin uses AEPOS technology (Arai Ezzra Proof of Stake), while Bitcoin uses POW (Pow of Work) technology.
Advantages of DDKoin versus Bitcoin in Business aspects

To get Bitcoin, there are 2 ways, namely buying coins or becoming a miner. Buying Bitcoin now has to spend up to thousands of dollars per 1 Bitcoin. Meanwhile, mining Bitcoin requires a mining machine that is not cheap. And being a miner also has to bear high operational costs, such as electricity costs, engine maintenance, or replacement of engine fuel due to damage.

The total supply of Bitcoin distribution is 21 million, while DDKoin is 45 million. The total DDKoin supply more than doubled. Bitcoin has also been supported by a large community and many traders. That's normal, as the top coins and first coins from blockchain technology.

DDKoin, which is a new coin from cryptocurrency products, is no less valuable than Bitcoin. Although the total DDKoin supply is more. However, with the system algorithm and technology used, DDKoin is not impossible to become a high-value coin.

Advantages of DDKoin versus Bitcoin in Business aspects.

Not too detailed explanation DDKoin and Bitcoin. In this article, it is only explained in the business aspect. Which is the best? Reviews on business aspects related to the satisfaction of the profits obtained.

1. Aspects of Mining Coins

Bitcoin creates a new generation of coins through the mining machine that validates every transaction made. Without mining machines, then Bitcoin will not increase and reach 21 million. But, providing a Bitcoin mining machine is not cheap. Thus, Bitcoin stakeholders are more likely to become traders. Bitcoin mining activities are also not environmentally friendly. The mining machine used consumes a large amount of electrical energy.

DDKoin, which uses green technology (DPOS - delegated proof of stake and developed into AEPOS), does not require mining machines to create a new generation of coins. A new generation of coins produced from native coins (genuine coins). That is, Coins create a generation of coins. By buying at least 1 DDKoin, you can already mine to get new coins. For example, you have 100 DDKoin; within 28 days, 10 new DDKoin (10% x 100 DDKoin) are created.

2. Profit Aspects

Traders/holders of Bitcoin assets can profit from the activity of buying and selling coins (buy low sell high). For example, buy Bitcoin at $ 10,000. When the price goes up to $ 12,000. Traders get $ 2,000 in benefits when selling coins. However, when the price drops to $ 8,000, traders/holders of Bitcoin assets will hold. Hold activity so as not to lose, and maybe the price is falling. Patience to hold a coin activity so as not to lose.

Buying DDKoin, traders/asset holders do not need to worry about falling prices. Because prices go up or down, you still enjoy profits every month. For example, buy 100 DDCoin at $ 10 per coin (100 x $ 10 = $ 1,000). Monthly profit 10 DDKoin x $ 10 = $ 100. If the DDKoin price drops to $ 5, then the profit of 10 DDKoin x $ 5 = $ 50.

Profits are given DDKoin experience halving down (10-2%). Check the article: Your Financial Solution! Buy DDKoin, get free money every month.

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