AEPOS Technology Used by Crypto DDKoin

Each cryptocurrency has a different consensus algorithm. For example, bitcoin uses Proof Of Work (POW), etherium uses Proof Of Stake (Pos), and lisk uses Delegated Proof Of Stake (DPOS), and DDKoin uses Arai Ezzra Proof Of Stake (AEPOS). This consensus algorithm is a mechanism that must be followed by the cryptocurrency protocol. How to mining, staking, voting, transaction validation, and so on.

AEPOS Technology Used by Crypto DDKoin

When you see the technological progress is extraordinary. At first, the mother coin (Bitcoin) uses POW, as time goes by, other new technologies emerge. Of course, new technology is innovation and evaluation of the use of old technology. So, users can choose the best coins as their assets and many new coins with various techniques used, also an opportunity to reap profits by trading (exchanging coin to other currencies and get earnings from buying and selling activities).

DDKoin using AEPOS Technology is a new generation of DPOS. Some coins have been used, such as Lisk, Stream, Bitshare, etc. Currently, the first coin to use AEPOS is DDKoin. For DDKoin stakeholders, it is fortunate to have bought it because one of the strengths is because it uses AEPOS Technology. The following are the advantages of AEPOS used by DDKoin:

1. AEPOS can make 1,000 tx per block. Compare with Bitcoin, which is only able to create 7 tx per block or Lisk coins, which are only able to produce 25 tx per block. Amazing isn’t it !, the speed of transactions that can be done by DDKoin using AEPOS. With this potential, DDKoin is not only for trading, but also very suitable for payment instruments.

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2. It is suitable for micropayments. DDKoin that use AEPOS is designed to peer to peer (p2p) with a minimum of 0.00000001 DDKoin. That is a NANO transaction developed for DDKoin. So, it is very suitable to be used as a small payment transaction, from buying a cup of coffee to eating at a restaurant. DDKoin will make history as a driver of payment by using cryptocurrency.

3. Low transaction costs. Thus, DDKoin is more efficient in every transaction. The fee charged is only 0.01% of the total DDK traded.

4. DDKoin accounts are very secure. The process of creating an account uses a passphrase, not a password. That’s because using a passphrase is safer than using a password. In fact, you can create 2 passphrases in one DDKoin account. The account is double security, and the account can be managed by multiple users. The technology used in creating the passphrase is BIP-0039.

5. AEPOS is a technology developed by the developer, founder, and management of DDKoin. It is not the result of a 100% soft fork. This means that DDK has its own platform.

6. The DDK platform has combined a cryptocurrency plan and a business plan. In another crypto, profit from the difference between buying or selling coins. Whereas DDKoin provides double benefits for its stakeholders. Profit on trading and profit on staking rewards. Staking rewards is a new thing in the cryptocurrency system. The mining mechanism with the existing staking on the DDK platform spoiled the stakeholders in making profits every month.

8. AEPOS is an open-source that can be useful for anyone who wants to make new coins.

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Those are some of the advantages of AEPOS used by DDKoin. Of course, there is still much that can be reviewed from the AEPOS technology. But at least, the description above can illustrate how the benefits of the AEPOS Technology.

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