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Blockchain Technology Friends of Artists

Blockchain Technology Friends of Artists
When writing about Blockchain technology, it will feel this technology will play a role in the progress of the world. Not only judged by the many giant companies that have adopted this technology in various fields of industry, tourism, the financial sector, and others. In fact, this technology penetrated into the world of education, which was made as one of the academies that deserves proper research in India. Recently, a humanitarian organization made this technology a means to channel aid to the sparse population in the World Food Program (WFP).

In connection with the many benefits of Blockchain technology, some attract attention related to people who work in the entertainment industry, such as arts and culture, music, publishing, theater, and others. They are people who make ends meet through their own talents. Usually, art workers have a long chain of processes for doing works. For example, in making films, which will deal with license holders, film distributors, film players, talent distribution agencies, and others who need their respective contracts and payments with an accounting system. Some intermediaries get money by deducting from the salary of the artists by the contract letter made earlier.

How can Blockchain technology change all forms of transactions more efficiently and safely? By focusing on the power of this technology, many artists have adopted the Blockchain technology with existing models. Likewise, in the world of music. For example, Grammy won the award of singer and songwriter Imogen Heap. It pioneered the launch of Mycelia with a think-and-do-tank concept that aims to empower the ideal, sustainable music industry ecosystem and involve all online-based music interaction services using Blockchain technology. Artery, a company engaged in technology and artists, tries to apply it to physical arts such as sculpture and painting.

The plan to include a Blockchain-based platform program is called a smart contract. Blockchain is a technology platform that can be used on millions of devices and is open source. Blockchain not only provides information but can also store a lot of valuable things such as money, titles of works, actions, art, scientific discoveries, and other intellectual property. All of that can be moved and stored safely, and privacy and the location of trust are not only on one party but on all parties concerned.

Adopting blockchain technology for the community of art workers means respecting inclusion, integrity, transparency in creating a partnership, respecting the rights of all workers, being safe, and forming a new ecosystem for film work, video games, and other creative activities.

Zach LeBeau, CEO of Singular DTV, which is a management and distribution of digital content based on the Blockchain platform, has written that a lot of creative energy has not yet been exploited and wasted due to centralized patterns. Its vision is to decentralize the entertainment industry so that the creative sector can help art workers benefit from the films, video games, and other arts they make. LeBeau further hopes that decentralization can realize a world that utilizes the highest potential of every individual.

Impressive, is not it? When technology can provide convenience not only for an institution but also for people who work with their own talents.

Written by Sintha Rosse
Writer and Journalist from

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