Crypto News: Famous Words in Cryptocurrency (Digital Asset) Trading

Cryptocurrency or digital assets is now a savings that many people have. By having it, many benefits can be obtained. With cryptocurrency, you can buy or pay for a product or service. Cryptocurrency is also used as a source of income by trading it. In cryptocurrency trading, the difference between the buying and selling price is the profit or loss of the trade.

Famous Words in Cryptocurrency (Digital Asset) Trading

The trend of rising / falling currency prices is quite fast, even with relatively high numbers. So, in just one day, profits reach 200% to 1,000%. Wow, really tempting, isn’t it! However, it could be that you lose as much.

Following are the famous words contained in cryptocurrency trading:

1. ATH (All-time-high): When the price of the cryptocurrency reaches the highest price, that breaks the previous estimate.

2. Arbitrage: Take the opportunity of different cryptocurrency prices on various exchange platforms to make a profit.

3. Bullish: Predictions of cryptocurrencies prices will rise

4. Bearish: Predictions of cryptocurrency will fall

5. Limit orders/limit sell/limit buy: Orders placed by users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies on an exchange platform

6. Market orders/market buy / market sell: Purchases or sales on an exchange platform at current prices, or orders that have been placed by other users.

7. Margin trading: The method for making a profit in trading cryptocurrencies through loans to increase deposits, may be made in short (profit if price falls) or long (profit if price rises). The riskiest method of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, and this section is suitable for experienced users.

8. Weak hands: Those who are impatient, then sell their digital assets at a loss due to falling market prices.

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9. Whale: Someone who has a massive amount of cryptocurrency in the Cryptocurrency community.

10. Bagholder: Someone who still holds a cryptocurrency that has failed and the price has fallen so drastically, maybe he does not want to accept reality.

11. Mooning: Refers to the price of cryptocurrencies, which suddenly rises by thousands or hundreds of percent.

12. FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. A thought that makes you want to buy crypto before it’s too late. But, the irony of the purchase is done when prices are rising dramatically.

13. FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Negative sentiment towards a cryptocurrency without first finding out as clearly as possible and checking suggestions by people who are jealous of the benefits of others.

14. HODL: Hold On For Dear Life. Holders of cryptocurrencies who do not want to sell cryptocurrencies in deposits because they know that in the future, prices will go up high.

15. Pump and dump: A scheme to try to raise the price of cryptocurrencies through harmonized purchases, with the hope of attracting other buyers to buy cryptocurrency, which is seen as increasing prices.

16. Shill: Someone who advertises a cryptocurrency even if it is not related to the project. Next, want other people to buy the cryptocurrency so that prices rise.

17. Shitcoin: Cryptocurrencies that are considered useless and worthless by the cryptocurrency community.

18. TTD: Time to Dump. It was time to sell all the cryptocurrencies if prices fell more and more fundamental.

Those are the words in digital asset trading that help you make a plan for the cryptocurrency you are holding.

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