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How to register Crypto DDKoin Account on the DDK Platform Easily

DDKoin is a DKK platform that already uses AEPOS (development of DPOS). AEPOS called Arai Ezzra Proof of Stake, while DPOS is Delegated Proof of Stake. AEPOS and DPOS are actually the same. Still, AEPOS has several developments that have been carried out, such as being able to record the number of transactions of 1000 tx per 10 seconds and the minimum amount that has been nano (0.00000001 DDKoin).

DDKoin provides benefits not only through crypto trading but also with straightforward coin mining. By registering a DDKoin account and buying at least 1 DDKoin. You can already mine and get rewards every month by 10% in the first year, 8% for the next 6 months, 6% for the next 6 months, 4% for the next 6 months, and 2% to 45 million DDKoin distributed.

Register a crypto DDKoin account for new members, it is recommended to use a PC / Laptop. If using a Smartphone, then change to the desktop site version first.

How to register the crypto DDKoin account? Follow the steps below:

Open the link to log the crypto DDKoin by clicking HERE.

create passphrase DDKoin account

Next, click "SAVE PASSPHRASE," then the passphrase will be downloaded. Save the passphrase safely, don't lose it, because it's the key of DDKoin assets. If it's lost, it won't be able to sign in the DDKoin Account. Then in "Your Passphrase," you can copy it and save it in MS-Excel. At login, use the Passphrase to sign in to your DDKoin account. Additional tips: Photo or Screen Shoot PC / Laptop screen that still displays the Passphrase, then can be printed out just in case if the laptop/smartphone is damaged or lost. You must also notify your immediate family regarding the passphrase, whether it is your wife, children, etc. so that the crypto DDKoin account is maintained safely.

Note: "Generate New," if clicked will change the password. It functions as a passphrase option to be used.

After you have ensured that the Passphrase is safely saved, the next step is to click "Next Step."

After Click "NEXT STEP"
confirm passphrase DDKoin

Copy and Paste the passphrase, then click "CONFIRM."

Congratulations, the crypto DDKoin account is complete. It's time to buy DDKoins in the SIMEX or DOBI exchangers.
DDKoin crypto account is complete

Here are 11 links that can be used to "sign-in" crypto DDKoin  account:

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