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Register a Simex account, as one of the global exchangers of Crypto DDKoin

As a stakeholder of DDKoin assets, it must use mechanisms that comply with the provisions of the cryptocurrency system. For example, it is recommended to deposit and withdraw via global exchangers. Global Exchanger functions as a place for traders to trade crypto. Crypto can be listed on the global exchangers is not easy, and there is already an MOU done by the founder or management. And good news for DDKoin stakeholders who are currently listed on SIMEX and DOBIEXCHANGE as global exchangers.

DDKoin can be transacted with peer to peer (p2p). However, these transactions will not appear on the global exchange chart. Thus, traders or prospective members do not see DDKoin transactions on global exchanges. In fact, the demand for coins will increase if there are many transactions on global exchanges. The transaction shows that DDKoins are traded in many transactions. For traders and prospective DDKoin members, they can see the potential DDKoin prices in the future.

On SIMEX, DDKoin can be changed to Bitcoin, Etherium, USD, and USDT. You can also see, DDKoin trading on SIMEX is large every day. Like other global exchangers, SIMEX also applies fees for every transaction made, when making a deposit or withdraw.

Steps to register a SIMEX account

Step 1
Open the SIMEX site first, you can Click Here.

Step 2
Click Registration

registrasi a simex account

Step 3
- Fill in your name correctly
- Fill in the email correctly
- Fill in a password of at least 5 characters.
- Fill in the confirm password with a password that has been created. Can retype or copy-paste the password that was previously created.
- Choose citizenship, for example, "USA."
- Check "I'm not a robot."
- Check, "I agree to the processing of my personal data and accept."
- Then click "JOIN NOW."
fill form registration

Step 4
Check your email inbox from SIMEX.
inbox email from simex

Click the long blue link to confirm email registration at SIMEX.
Click the long blue link to confirm email registration at SIMEX

Step 5
Log in to a SIMEX account, use the email and password that you have registered. Confirm the link in the email from SIMEX. There will be information SIGN UP COMPLETE, then click "NEXT."

Step 6
Next, check the account verification section. On the menu selects Setting, then click verification.

It will look like below;
verified simex account

Fill in the data in the profile, address, and bank details. If successful, the status will be "verified," and 100% of your SIMEX account has been successful for DDKoin trading, deposit, or withdraw.

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