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The Staking and Vote Process on the DDK Platform for Mining gets a Free DDKoin

The DDKoin algorithm mechanism is one way to get new coins (mining), by the Staking and Vote processes. This mechanism has been set by the protocol, which is also unique compared to DDKoin mining compared to other coins. Staking and Vote make mining accessible and even green technology. Without the need for you to buy a mining machine, by merely buying DDKoin, and doing the Staking and Vote processes, you will get a free DDKoin (Staking Reward).

To do the Staking and Voting process, of course, you already have a DDKoin liquid in your account. The minimum coins that can be Staking are 1 DDKoin. And there is a fee that must be charged in the process of Staking and Vote. A fee of 0.01% or 0.0001 / 1 DDKoin, cheap enough, isn't it!

A. Staking Process

Step 1
Sign in to your DDKoin account and click "Stake."

Step 2
Fill in the DDKoin amount in the "DDK Amount Stake" and enter your Passphrase in "Your Passphrase." Then click DDK Stake.
stake ddkoin amount

Step 3
"Done," you have succeeded in the Staking process. Check the Stake menu, and make sure the status is active. Then on the Dashboard menu, look at "Your DDK Frozen" appears the amount of DDKoin that has been staking.

A. Vote Process

Step 1
Click "Delegates"
klik delegates menu

Select a delegation of at least 1 and a maximum of 3. If the choice is more than 3 delegates, the fee charged increases.
Select a delegation

Step 2
Fill in your Passphrase in "Your Passphrase," then click Vote.
click vote

Step 3
"Done." You have successfully voted. Then, check on the Stake menu, then check "Vote Count," if it is successful, then there will be several votes entered. The first time you vote will appear the number "1", and so on.

To get Staking Reward (free new coins), it needs 4 x votes. Every time you make 4 votes, a new coin will be created. The period between votes is 7 days. The total vote is 24 x, meaning the accumulation is 7 days x 24 = 168 days or around + -6 months. After 24 x votes, then DDKoin Frozen will return to DDKoin liquid. Next, become your decision, whether in Staking back or sold.

Important note: For the first to do the Staking process, there is no need to wait for the next 7 days (1 week) to vote. After Staking, immediately do the Vote process.

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