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Understanding and Function of Coin Market Cap (CMC)

For traders, it is no stranger to Coin Market Cap or Market Capital. Where digital asset players (cryptocurrency) make CMC as a place to get information related to crypto coins. Coin market stamp is a site that entirely and updated shows the price movements of all registered digital assets (in the world) in real-time. At present, the number of coins listed in the CMC is 22 96 coins (June 2019). With the top coin position won by bitcoin, which is also a mother coin. With this coin market cap, stakeholders can easily see the exchange rate of each crypto (digital asset). For example, bitcoin conversion to etherium or bitcoin conversion to DDKoin.
Understanding and Function of Coin Market Cap (CMC)

CMC sangat berfungsi sekali bagi para trader sebagai pertimbangan untuk membeli atau menjual digital aset. Dengan melihat grafik pergerakan setiap koin, secara mudah memprediksi melakukan trading atau hold.

Setidaknya, ada beberapa fungsi dari coin market cap yang bisa bermanfaat bagi seorang trader:

1. Memperlihatkan Harga Secara Real Time, Volume, Supply Dan Change Setiap Digital Aset

The coin market stamp shows the price of each digital asset in real-time. All coins that have been registered at CMC can easily be seen for the price. There is also clearly understood the volume of transactions on digital assets. How much digital assets are traded per day, per month, and per year? This encourages interest in users to buy because the transaction volume is so high. Then there is also the supply information for each coin. The remaining coins will be distributed. Usually, if there is less supply, the price of a currency will increase. And that makes traders not want to be left behind to hold. There is also a graphical change feature that shows the ups and downs of prices as a percentage. For example, the percentage increase in BTC to USD or BCT to DDKoin.

2. Showing All Listed Coins

CMC lists coins ranging from those loved by many people to non-rewarded coins or from popular coins to coins that not many people know about. The number of digital assets continues to grow, as of August 2016, there are 690 coins, and currently, the amount has reached 2296 digital assets.

3. Ranking Digital Assets Based on Their Popularity

The number of digital assets is now very much listed in the coin market cap. Based on ranking, CMC ranks according to its market capital volume. Bitcoin ranks first with the largest market capitalization, and also coins have high prices. There is also a coin with the third position, Ripple, with a large volume, but the price is low.

4. Informing About Events Related to Digital Assets

The coin market stamp provides information on coins, even includes the official website link of the currency. So users can go to learn more in detail. Inform also the events that will be held by the founder and management. Like a new coin that will be listed at CMC, make a challenge, meetup, or meeting in a specific place to discuss cryptocurrency.

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