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Your Financial Solution! Buy DDKoin, get free money every month

Getting into business with income every month is really exciting, and of course, it's a financial solution. Everyone wants to get money every month even if they have to spend money. It's called "spend money to get money." Moreover, without selling products, without promotions, all you have to do is click and click. Money enters your bank account every month.

In this digital era, many conventional businesses are changing to digital businesses. Thus, changing the paradigm of the financial system. In general, businesses selling high product prices will increase profits. The digital business focuses on the number of transactions, not on the high product selling price. For example, the product selling profit is only $ 1. There are 100,000 transactions, then 1 $ x 100,0000 = $ 100,000.

One of the digital businesses that are booming right now is cryptocurrency. But not all cryptocurrency proves to be a profitable financial solution. Top cryptocurrency coins are Bitcoin. Buy Bitcoin at low prices in 2010 ($ 1) and sell at high prices in 2017 ($ 20,000). The profit gained is fantastic. But, for those who bought it at $ 20,000, then the price of Bitcoin has decreased. They will get a significant loss.

The price of cryptocurrency is based on supply and demand. It is natural if the price of a cryptocurrency goes up and down. When prices are low, it's time to buy, and when prices are high, it's time to sell. When prices are high, then prices are low, then you have to wait for high rates to make a sale. If you sell when the price is low, you will lose.

DDKoin is a financial solution without trading, without holding high or low prices of a cryptocurrency. DDKoin prices can also go up and down like Bitcoin. But, DDKoin provides real profits every month just by staking and voting.

To get DDKoin for free every month, you have to do staking and voting. Staking is a DDKoin contracted (deposited) so that it becomes frozen. Its nature is not liquid, so DDKoin that is staking cannot be traded at the exchanger. Whereas voting is choosing delegates for transaction validation. The duration of the voting time is 7 days. In 4 x voting (4 x 7 days = 28 days), you will get a profit (staking reward) of 10% of the total DDKoin that is staking.

For example, you have 100 DDKoin. Every month you get a profit of 10% x 100 = 10 DDKoin. If the DDKoin price is $ 5, you will get $ 50 / month ($ 5 x 10 DDKoin). If the price of DDKoin = $ 50, then you will get money of $ 250 / month ($ 50 x 10 DDKoin).

But, DDKoin does not always provide a 10% profit. DDKoin profit will be halving down to 8%, 6%, 4%, and 2%. See the picture below:
DDKoin profit will be halving down

DDKoin was launched on May 31, 2019, there were still a few months profit of 10%. Or in more detail, check DDK explorer. Soon, register the DDKoin account and get a profit every month.

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