DDKoin Is The Best Investment Solution In The Future

DDKoin Is The Best Investment Solution In The Future

DDKoin is a cryptocurrency using AEPOS (Arai Ezzra Proof of Stake). Peer to peer (p2p) is lower than other crypto types. Bitcoin, the minimum transaction is 0.0005 BTC, while the minimum DDKoin transaction is 0.00000001 DDKoin. Check DDKoin white paper by visiting the site: ddkoin.com.

The advantages of DDKoin on its platform provide multiple benefits to its stakeholders. The advantage is not only trading coins, but also staking coins. On Bitcoin, a miner has to buy a mining machine to get new coins from mining. On DDKoins do not need a mining machine, only by doing “STAKE” will create a new coin.

Mining using a mining machine or doing stake. Both are blockchain technology system algorithms. However, in DDKoin, the mining method is more comfortable and more efficient.

On the DDK platform with “STAKE,” new coins will be created. New coins that are created are calculated from the total coins in stake. For example, there are 100 DDKoin at stake. Profit = 100 DDKoin x 10% = 10 DDKoin. So, DDKoin Assets amounted to 110 DDKoin. The profit or staking reward is obtained within a month (4 x votes). If profit is also in stake, then next month’s profit will be 11 DDKoin (110 DDKoin x 10%).

Staking reward is not always 10%. At a certain time or at a certain block achievement, staking reward experiences a “Halving Reward.” Starting from 10% decreased to 8%, from 8% decreased to 6%, from 6% decreased to 4%, and from 4% decreased to 2%. A staking reward of 2% is given until the distribution of 45 million DDKoin.

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With the staking reward, the amount of DDKoin will increase. The profit received from the stake results is by the amount of DDKoin that is staking. The results of the staking reward will be obtained in a long time, in the next 8-10 years. WAOOO … That is the best investment solution for a long time.

The minimum stake in getting a staking reward is 1 DDKoin. Just count, with only 1 DDKoin, in the next 3 years, DDKoin assets amount to 4 DDKoin. If there are 10 DDKoin at present, there will be 40 DDKoin in the next 3 years.

You can calculate staking rewards with an excel count table. Use it to see the benefits of staking and adjust the staking schedule. DDKoin was launched to the public on May 31, 2019. Use this time as a basis for calculating your profits.

You also get free DDKoin just by registering an account. This is not an official management program or founder of DDKoin. The program is a referral network partnership. If you register through a referral link, you will get free coins. Visit the article to get a free DDKoin.

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