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Difference Between Forex and Cryptocurrency

Difference Between Forex and Cryptocurrency
Forex (foreign exchange) is currency trading from various countries to make a profit. Forex has a significant risk because trading currencies can lead to MARGIN CALL. That is, if the traded money is unable to withstand losses, then the money will be lost.

Unlike cryptocurrency when traded. Despite experiencing trade losses, assets are not lost. But the value of assets is reduced from the previous price.

The following can be seen the difference between forex and cryptocurrency only:

1. Forex must make a deposit to trade. However, not all cryptocurrency requires deposits. Many programs from a cryptocurrency can be obtained free of charge. For example, the airdrop program or referral link as a way to get it.

2. Forex relates to parking values ​​, and Crypto refers to stock assets.

3. Forex will eat money if the prediction is wrong. In crypto, it only reduces the value of the stock.

4. Forex - money loss needs to be spent so that it does not apply "MARGIN CAL" L or forfeit capital.
 Crypto - how low the value is falling, there is still stock, and the cost of that stock has the potential to increase again.

5. Forex - Currency pairs are opposite each other, one price goes up, and one price goes down.
Crypto - the ideal digital asset pair, one increases in value, and the other gains in the stock.

6. In Crypto, we have an open exchange, open exchange, you can choose which currency we want to exchange. Now there is 4179 cryptocurrency. Too many choices, the risk is almost zero.

7. Conclusion Crypto Trading is a marriage between the Stock Market and Forex.
The method is StockMarket, but Forex Market (Fluctuate) atmosphere.


for example, the purchase price of TRX, 1trx = $ 0.02
buy 1000 TRX for $ 20
next month's TRX price is $ 0.08
a result of 1000 TRX x $ 0.08 = $ 80

You will not have a margin call if negative floating is only a price shrinkage, and you can wait for the price to go up. In crypto exchange, trading with lots or lots of coins. You don't need to worry because while it doesn't close, you have nothing to lose.

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