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Factors Causing DDKoin Price Drops

Factors Causing DDKoin Price Drops
DDKoin prices rise or fall is a natural law in cryptocurrency. All cryptocurrency prices fluctuate. The main factors are demand and supply. If demand increases beyond supply, the cost of coins will rise. Dear DDKoin stakeholders, don't worry when DDKoin prices go down. There are times when the price will increase. Just focus, to get as many DDKoin. Because it is an investment for the future. Make purchases at low prices and sell them at high prices.

Get more profit by trading on global exchanges. But, if you are afraid of risk, just do "STAKE" to get a monthly benefit.

Do not be disappointed and sad to see the price of DDKoin drop. All of that is a logical reason, why did it happen?

Factors causing DDKoin price drops

1. Airdrops 900,000 DDKoin

The airdrops program aims to expand the DDKoin community. Many people took the opportunity to get free DDKoin. Without spending capital and getting free assets. Register new members through your referral link. When new members do "STAKE," then you get a free coin of 10% of the coins in stake. The reward is called a referral reward. That way, you also have the right to earn profits from chain rewards up to 15 levels.

The existence of these airdrops can expand the DDKoin network. However, it has an impact on the drop in DDKoin prices in the market, because the supply has increased.

2. 10% Staking Reward

All DDKoin stakeholders are spoiled, with a 10% staking reward. 10% profit is the algorithm for creating new coins. For example, have 1,000 DDK at stake x 10% = 100 DDK. In a month, coins increased by 100 DDK. 100 DDK is called staking reward.

The results of the staking reward will increase supply in the market. If supply is higher than demand, the price of DDK will drop. If the price drops, the demand must be increased. Or make sure demand and supply are balanced to maintain price stability.

3. DDK Purchases are not via Global Exchanger

There are still many DDK stakeholders who buy through peer to peer (P2P). P2P is not recorded in GE's trade because transactions are carried out internally on the DDK platform. In fact, buying DDK through GE will increase prices. That is a way to increase demand for DDK.

Buying DDK at GE can trigger other traders to buy DDK. GE shows a graph of rising demand, so other traders will also take the opportunity to up DDK prices.

Each stakeholder must have at least 1 GE account. Trade through GE to withdraw or deposit. This method will increase the DDKoin price.

4. Panic Sale

The simple formula for a crypto player is "buy low and sell high." But, for the newbie, the method is often ignored because of panic sales. When the price of DDK shows a rising trend of the chart. Stakeholders flocked to buy DDK. But, when the DDK price shows a falling trend graph. Stakeholders gathered to sell DDK. Selling DDK at the time of dropping brings a more profound price drop. Stakeholders should hold their DDK, so prices don't drop more.

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