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Attending a Flight Attendant Job Interview - Get it Right the First Time

Congratulations, you've got a flight attendant job interview. Now what? The first thing does not waste the opportunity. Statistically, this is a tough gig with just a small percentage of applicants who apply to get an invite to a meeting. Yes, your resume needs to be good enough to get you a flight attendant interview in the first place.

However, An even smaller percentage are lucky enough to be invited back for their second interview until only about 3 percent go on to secure this occupation that is hotly contested.

To put these percentages into some meaningful numbers For you take a look at Southwest airlines stats that show that in 2009 90,043 resumes were received by them. That's over ninety-thousand resumes! And they don't say how many interviews were conducted from these resumes received and while these are across the board, they do state that they employed just 831 employees! Now that's a remarkably small percentage. The truth is it's less than 1%!
What does it mean to you Because Southwest airlines aren't unique here, particularly in regards to software for a Flight Attendant job interview?

It means you have to make a very good impression. Because it is that important, that is an understatement so spend some time. Now this involves two things.

Immaculate grooming
Personal Presentation

Many experts believe that You have less than 30 seconds to make a positive impression and others again say less. What one thing all agree on is that once somebody has made their mind up, it is practically impossible to alter it in the period of a flight attendant job interview.

Now They do while it's politically correct to say that looks do not count! No this is not about genetic looks or the looks you were born with. This is the best way to groom yourself, how you wear it and what you wear.

And the reason for this is that we know first impressions count And we know that of the six senses we have been an odor, sound, touch, taste, sight, and gut, sight senses that we utilize first. We can see farther and faster than we could smell, taste or touch and while sound travels a fair distance, it's nothing on the instant feedback that sight gives us. We do not trust it anywhere near as much as our sense of sight although A lot of us use our gut feelings to an extent also.

So, like most in the animal Kingdom, we utilize and others use on us their sense of sight to form a feeling be it positive, negative, right or wrong. And also in a way that attracts the right attention at a flight attendant job interview too, we should follow suits like the animal kingdom that dancing or fluff feathers or back on their hind legs to attract attention.

Now, what about the personal presentation? A big part of the work role of being a flight attendant is with it comes great responsibility and trust from the business that employs you in representing their business, that you will do the perfect thing and that you are front line staff. Airlines do spend 10's of thousands of dollars and can promote their brand through their staff and select their staff. Delta airlines are focused on this and state that their Flight Attendants are, 'Truly the face of Delta.'

So while Grooming how you wear it and is all about the best way to groom yourself, what you wear presentation is all about how you take and project yourself to others throughout your interaction in this case as a flight attendant. The everyday reality and realization of this is that most of us can tell just by looking at someone if they're happy, sad, upset, indifferent, confused, interested and even rich or poor, good or bad, fake or real and it is primarily because of how we present ourselves.

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