Flight Attendant Career Tips – 5 Tips to Complete The Airline Online Application Form

Have you always wanted to become a Flight Attendant but have been Put off by the online application form? Yes, it surely can be intimidating if you’re not computer literate.

But Let me take you through a few tips that will help you understand how it all works and why you will need to be very prepared even before you switch on the computer to have the best chance of being selected for an airline interview or Flight Attendant Assessment day.

Here we go…

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Tip 1. Pay attention

Even You need to do some work before you touch the computer. First of all, take a look at the job description for the airline you are currently applying for. What have they included the place that they want you to be based, in the work role, i.e., the height limitations, the limitations in?

This information is precious, They are telling you exactly what they want and you’ve got to convince them you’re their ideal candidate.

Tip 2. Avoid typos and errors

You’d Be surprised how many hundreds of applicants are rejected due to missed data fields, typo errors, grammatical mistakes, misspellings and data in the wrong location. Typing on the internet is difficult at the best of times, so you need to do your homework and prepare whatever you need to write ‘cut and paste’.

Better still, show your notes to a friend or family member Before you type directly into the application form online. You may keep making the same spelling mistakes and have no idea they are wrong, but another set of eyes may pick up it – and you do not want those eyes to be the airline recruiters!

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Tip 3. Take your time

This Can be a moment for you. Your opportunity to have the job of your dreams can be within your reach – so don’t rush and don’t try to fit it in during your 30-minute lunch break at work. You need to focus, this is vital.

But you have to watch the clock once you start your application as the drivers’ software can lock you out – so the best thing to do is always save your work before you move on to the next section.

Tip 4. Include the keywords

Large airlines like the two I have worked for as a Flight Attendant, British Airways, and United Airlines will often use special software programs to scan the answers to online applications when they have a big recruitment campaign. They receive thousands of applications and don’t employ human beings to do all the hard work.

What they do is program certain keywords into the computer software, for example, customer service, communication skills, language skills, etc.. And guess what? They’ve already told you a lot of what they are looking for in the job description! (see Tip 1)

Tip 5. “Why do you want to work for our airline?”

Almost Always you’ll come to a section at the end of the program that asks you why you want to work for that particular airline (or words to that effect). This is where you would have done your homework and researched the airline and include illustrations of how your skills fit in perfectly with the job function as a Flight Attendant and you are the perfect match.

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You have to take your time It is the part where you show your experience and can shine, Skills, languages and give examples mentioning how you have used them in Your past employment or at university or college.

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