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Flight Attendant Dress Code for an Interview

The Flight Attendant Dress Code for an Interview - Flight attendant jobs are very competitive. Before going for an interview, take time and research on the airline's dress code. Try and imitate the dress code of the cabin attendants who work there. Look out for details on the uniform. It is also important to read through any instructions provided which are related to the interview. They may provide guidance on what to wear. Here are some insights on flight attendant dress codes for interviews:

The Outfit

flight attendant interview dress code
Go for an outfit that represents professionalism. If you are female, go for a fitting and neat blue or black skirt suit. A dress and jacket is also acceptable. This gives your interviewer an idea of how you would look in the airline's uniform. Skirts should not be shorter than an inch above the knee. Go for shoes that you could actually wear while on the job. Closed-heels are ideal. The color should complement your outfit. Avoid worn-out shoes. Your purse should look professional, and have a matching shade. Men should wear a business shirt, slacks, jacket, and tie. You could also carry a leather-type briefcase. Most airlines do not accept earrings for men.

Your nails should be neat and clean, so it may be important to go for a manicure. The nails should also be well-shaped, and be the same approximate length. They should not extend beyond your fingertips for more than 1/4 of an inch. For women, the shade of the polish should complement your lipstick (if you are wearing some), red or any other color that looks natural. You can also opt for a French manicure or clear polish. Avoid chipped nails, extreme colors of polish or design on your nails. The nails should be well-trimmed and follow the curve of your finger.

A little makeup is also necessary for women. It should be a color that is becoming to your complexion. The hair should be arranged in a business-like style, as you would on the job. Keep up with current professional standards. If the hair is longer than the length of the collar of your blouse, wear it in an upswept style, ensuring that it doesn't fall forward or across your face if you tilt your head forward.

The man's hair

Men should go for a haircut. The hair must be cut in a current, professional style, the back must not extend any longer than your shirt's collar, and must not fall into the eyes. The style must also be complementary to the shape of your face. A mustache must be neatly trimmed and shouldn't extend below the corners of the mouth. Beards are not acceptable in most airlines.


If you want to be in jewelry, go for simple post earrings or a conservative, professional watch. Wear only one ring or bracelet per hand. Wedding rings are allowed. For neckwear, go for a string of pearls or a simple chain.


The flight attendant dress code for an interview does not allow for tattoos. Cover up your tattoo during an interview. Most airlines have very strict rules about them. For instance, United Airlines particularly state that stewards and stewardesses are not to have any visible tattoos, including on the arms, face, feet, hands, and neck.


Do not forget to wear a smile, as it brightens your face and makes you look confident as well. Ensure that your breath is fresh. However, avoid heavy perfume.

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There are many people with whom you are competing for an air hostess position. It is, therefore, crucial to read through the flight attendant dress code before going for an interview.

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