Flight Attendant Interview Questions

Some flight attendants interview questions

1. Introduction
Many young people from across the world aspire to secure a job as a cabin crew member. A career as a flight attendant is perceived to be prestigious because of the opportunity of travelling to different parts of the world. Stewardess or cabin crew members have the responsibility of ensuring passengers have complied with safety requirements in the plane, are served with food and drinks and any query they have is adequately answered. stewardess or cabin crew must have very good communication skills. If trained as a flight attendant, and you are in the process of seeking employment, then these are some common flight attendant interview questions.Flight Attendant Interview Questions

2. Frequently asked cabin crew interview questions

a) Give us some details about yourself this is a common question asked in most interview sessions. Interviewers are likely, to begin with, this question to establish how well you can express yourself and at the same time the content of your expression. Some interviewees make the mistake of providing too much irrelevant information about themselves and even their families. The point in this cabin crew interview question is to concentrate on traits that make you suitable for the position of a flight attendant. To perform well in this question, articulate your answer clearly and confidently. Describe yourself as a person who is social, you can handle stress well and have a likeable personality. Say that you are a self-motivated individual who can work very well as part of a team and individually.
b) If you find two passengers arguing about their seat positions what would you do? Interviews may not have a chance to test you in a real situation, but the answer you provide in such application questions would tell them a lot about your competency and character. Such critical cabin crew interview questions need to be answered appropriately. They are the only questions that will hint to the interviews that you know the requirements of the position. In answering this question, first, reiterate your role of a cabin crew member as that of maintaining order and calmness during a flight. Therefore, you will have to calm down the arguing passenger before establishing a solution. After calming down the passengers, use their tickets to establish a solution to their seat dispute, and then apologize to both for the misunderstanding.
c) How would you handle a situation where a passenger is rude to you and refuses to fasten his seat belt? This is a common application question candidates answer when attending a stewardess interview session. The question is testing your problem-solving skills, which is essential for the position of a cabin crew member. Occasionally, flight attendants face uncooperative passengers and the manner they respond to them define their effectiveness. In answering this question, the interviewer needs to insist on being strict yet soft to the rude passenger. This will be the only way to avoid creating an ugly scene and making the offensive passenger cooperate. The other passengers would appreciate a stewardess who is able to overcome a rowdy passenger. Nevertheless, mention that the strictness should never border on arrogance. It is also important to mention that if the passenger refused to cooperate you can notify your supervisor. It shows that you understand the importance of teamwork.
d) What motivated you to be a flight attendant? Most employers want to know your career motivation. This type of an aviation career interview question calls upon the job candidate to state categorically their source of career motivation, aspects of the job that makes it attractive to job seekers. The answers expected from this question are quite diverse but there are some answers that should never be mentioned to the interviewers. Therefore, you can have answered such as; you love travelling, you are inclined into the hospitality industry since you were in school, a friend or family member inspired you, and so on. However, never say that good pay or your beauty motivated you. Such answers can portray you as being immature. it is common for the stewardess to be pretty, but that should never be the only motivation to pursue the career.
e) What are some of the disadvantages of being a flight attendant? Many candidates would find it hard to point out the disadvantages of a job they love. Nevertheless, cabin crew interview questions often include this. The cabin crew interviews not only want to test your character, but also critical thinking capabilities. They want to see how first you can come up with solutions. With this in mind, be confident in pointing out some disadvantages such as working odd hours, being away from loved ones for a long period and dealing with a few difficult customers. You should be careful not to include so many disadvantages because it would appear you do not love your job.

3. Conclusion
You should expect numerous other flight attendant interview questions during an interview. The above-discussed questions are just some of the frequently asked questions by most airlines recruiters. Be prepared to answer these stewardess interview questions plus many others that may be thrown your way when going for an interview. The key to success is to communicate your answers confidently and fluently.

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