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Flight Attendant Resume Sample

Flight Attendant Resume Sample
A flight attendant is a very sensitive and important job in any growing airline company. To be able to secure a job, one has to have an up to date resume that is attractive and professional enough to market your skills in the best way possible as an outgoing flight attendant. You have to sell your skills in a manner that will give you a competitive advantage over other flight attendants who may be seeking the same job opportunity as you. State briefly but very clearly your main responsibilities in your previous jobs so as to inform you, future employer, what they can comfortably trust you with. This below is a good example of a flight attendant resume.

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Example of a Flight Attendant Resume

Jenny Milea
West Benedict A19
Home: 404-444-5555
Cell: 404-444-5556


Seeking to acquire an opportunity to serve as a flight attendant in a growing airline company where I can utilize my skills as well as learn more through close teamwork.

Skills and Qualifications

Extensive knowledge of processes and various principles for providing high quality customer care and personal services, including close customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and ensuring and evaluating customer satisfaction.

Very fluent in English language, excellent composition skills and above average English writing skills. I am also very fluent and has adequate writing skills in French, German and Swahili.

Attentive to the letter to all customer requests and needs ensuring each customer is served as per their expectations and beyond.

Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.


1995-1998: Aliona Vera aviation college, diploma in communications and flight attending. Second class upper graduate.

2001-2003: the Millena University of Communication, bachelor of science in Communication and public relations. second class graduate.

Work Experience

Flight Attendant: June 2003-Present, Jumbo Jet
Airlines, Phoenix, AZ
Provide customer care services to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers during flight.
Welcome passengers, verify tickets, and serve refreshments to passengers.
Announce and demonstrate procedures followed during emergencies such as the use of seat belts, oxygen masks and life saver jackets.
Answer passengers' questions about flights, aircraft, weather, travel routes and services, arrival times, and schedules.
Assist passengers on storage of luggage and care of delicate luggage.
Guide passengers while entering or disembarking
the aircraft.
Brief passages about flight as they wait to board.
Ensuring passengers have what they require such as blankets reading material, headphones, pillows or games they desire.

Junior Flight Attendant: May 1999 - May 2000, British
Airways, Atlanta, GA
Responsibilities included: Preparing passengers during boarding of plane, announcing delays and assisting in ensuring all passengers fasten their safety belts.
Answering all questions from passengers during flight and ensuring their comfort.
serving refreshments and meals to customers during flight.
Taking record of all reading materials, head phones as well as games given to passengers during flight.
Administering first aid to passengers as well as preparing them in case of emergency.
Operating passengers audio and video systems.


Edith Amandie, Senior flight attendant British Airways.
Ariana drive, septa court B456
cell; 404-555-6666
Johnson Mal, managing director Jumbo Jet Airlines
Neon square, Verona court W4658J
cell; 404-555-5557

With such a resume, you will have thrown yourself into a race where you can be sure you have advertised and marketed yourself fully as a flight attendant ready to take up the task at hand.

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