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Flight Attendant Salary

Flight Attendant Salary
A flight attendant's job description involves ensuring that the passengers are safe and comfortable, serving meals, loading luggage into overhead compartments, providing instructions to passengers during emergencies, assisting passengers, especially those who are handicapped and explaining safety equipment to passengers. The schedules may be irregular, and one may work on weekends and holidays. A cabin attendant works under in-flight base managers, supervisors, as well as the pilot and co-pilot. What remuneration does one get after conscientiously carrying out the aforementioned roles? Let us delve into flight attendant salary:

According to PayScale, a steward or stewardess' income was $19.26 to $ 39.49 per flight hour. The annual income ranged between $35,280 and $69,740 (including bonuses, commissions, average overtime, and profit-sharing) in January 2011. According to the Bureau of Statistics, the middle per cent of cabin attendants earns around $28,420 and $49,910 annually. The top 10% earn $65,350 and over, while the lowest 10% $20,580 annually.

Higher positions

As a flight attendant, one earns more with experience. Here are some statistics on flight attendant income based on the years of experience, according to PayScale:

- Less than a year - $20, 105 to $44,061
- 1 to 4 years - $18,551 to $35,295
- 5 to 9 years - $25,819 to $48,268
- 10 to 19 years - $35,916 to $ 59,911
- 20 years and above - $35,048 to $50,755

Flight attendant salary may vary according to state. Here is some data based on PayScale:

- New York - $32, 417 to $54,045
- Texas - $28,300 to $45,453
- Illinois - $24,000 to $51, 304
- California - $29,450 to $43,448
- Georgia - $28,041 to $44,812
- Florida - $30,521 to $64, 649
- Massachusetts - $30,519 to $54,454

Sometimes, flight attendants, my choose some cities over others since the annual pay is higher. Here are some cabin attendants salaries based on cities:

- New York City - $33,150 to $50,281;
- Chicago -- $24,000 to $51,304;
- San Francisco -- $30,457 to $40,695;
- Miami - $31, 837 to $61,042
- Atlanta -- $27,209 to $45,000;
- Boston -- $30,143 to $53,062;
- Los Angeles -- $29,500 to $52,500.

Flight attendant benefits

There are a number of ways through which a cabin attendant can boost their flight attendant salary. One such way is compensation for meals when not offered on the aircraft or if the attendant is spending the night at a hotel. This form of compensation is referred to as 'per diem'. It varies depending on the length of a stay at a hotel or even on the layover. For example, a North American layover that lasts for 12 hours will be lower than one in an international hotel for 24 hours or more. The value of per diems may be affected by the value of local currency. It becomes more lucrative to fly to countries with stronger currencies. In the U.S. and Canada, meal allowances are tax-free. Read also:
Senior flight attendants have access to premium routes, which are high paying, especially in those in unions. They, therefore, have more per diems that pay well. A junior steward or stewardess can rise through the ranks and become a purser or service director. Becoming a purser or service director could even double the salary of a junior air hostess. As a purser, you could be paid based on the size of the aircraft. For instance, at Air Canada, a purser could earn $50.14 per hour (narrow air-craft) and $67.92 per hour (on a B777). Pursers also have per diems, night premiums and other benefits.

Knowing a foreign language is also a plus, as you will be placed on lucrative international routes so that you can make announcements and communicate with clients in their native languages. Flight attendants who know other languages also rise to senior positions faster. If you are fluent in a language, you can get premiums in some airlines.

Going for long haul trips pays more diems. Working for the commuter or regional airlines also pays less when compared to working for mainline carriers. You can also pick shifts (drafting). This earns you draft premiums.

It pays to do some research and understand some of the factors that could affect your salary. Just like any other profession, flight attendants have lower salaries as they begin their career. As they advance, flight attendant salary increases.

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