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Flight Attendant Shoes

Flight Attendant Shoes
According to the Bureau of Statistics, flight attendant jobs are very competitive. You, therefore, cannot take any chances when going for an interview. You must be professional to the utmost detail. The most important thing is to prepare for the interview thoroughly. Doing some research about the company is undoubtedly helpful. Visit the airline's website and find out what the crew members wear. Try and imitate that as you go for your interview, including the shoes. If any instructions have been given, read them carefully and follow them to the letter. They might give you an idea of what flight attendant shoes to wear for the interview meeting.

As aforementioned, it is advisable to dress as you would on the job. Here are some general rules for women when choosing flight attendant shoes:
  • You can choose pumps with a heel about 1 1/2 inches since they are standard
  • The color of your shoe should complement the color of your suit and handbag
  • Avoid high boots, white shoes, open toe shoes, and stiletto heels.
  • Your shoes should be polished and shined (to ensure that your shoes shine, rub them with a clean cotton towel or a brush with soft bristles)
  • Wear leather shoes, and avoid suede or light fabrics.
For Men
  • Your shoes should be polished and shined
  • Avoid wearing boots
  • Wear dress shoes that coordinate with your suit
If you have no idea about what kind of flight attendant shoes to wear for an interview, here are some you could consider, as cabin attendants wear them while on the job:

Men's Shoes

1. The Pro Five Star Ashford Lace-up by Timberland ($110)

This is a Leather shoe designed for the hospitality and restaurant professionals since it has an anti-fatigue technology that supports and cushions the feet. They have a sturdy construction and do not set off metal detectors during security checks. You need not start removing your shoes as you go for the interview.

2. Men's Work: Exalt Closer by Skechers ($65)

It is a leather shoe with a soft fabric lining, a shock-absorbing midsole, and a removable cushioned insole.

Other recommended brands are Clarks dress shoes for men ($85 to $140) and Rockport dress shoes for men ($100 to $150)

Women's Shoes

1. The Franco Sarto Women's Cicero Pump ($89)

This shoe is 100% leather and has a man-made sole. The heel is a bit high and measures 4 inches. The platform is approximately 0.5 inches. It has round-toe pumps.

2. Tanya Shooties by Franco Sarto ($79)

The upper and sole are man-made. The shoe has a 2 1/2 inches stacked heel.

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Flight attendant shoes are a crucial part of a steward or stewardess' dress as they sell the image of the airline. You must, therefore, wear shoes that uphold the image of the airline even to the interview meeting. The last thing you need to do is wear shoes that have worn out heels or soles. They will not only take a toll on your self-confidence and self-esteem but also make your interviewer dismiss you. Flight attendant shoes must be neat and professional to the utmost detail.

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