How To Get It Approved By Google

How To Get It Approved By Google

It is not a secret that Google allows bloggers to add Google AdSense advertisements in their blogs, but how do you get it approved by Google? Of course, it is vital to get it approved because AdSense is their main source of revenue.

When you join and set up a blog you need to choose the appropriate theme. It should be compatible with and is recommended for the long term and relatively simple blog building.

Many times, bloggers want to add Google AdSense in their blog as well as the content in WordPress. You cannot just go and find WordPress plugins to add AdSense on your blog. This will defeat the purpose of blogging.

This is where one should look for blog AdSense for WordPress. This is what they call a WordPress plugin, but it should work with any WordPress blog template.

The WordPress plugin should be compatible with most plugins out there and not only one. It should not be an exclusive club and may require more work on your part. You will want to decide how many sites you want to feature and have it available to the public.

One way is to create a page and then all the related Google AdSense ads that match your site name should go on this page. Then your blog is ready to start earning some money.

If you are looking to earn a large amount of money in one sitting, you will want to make sure that you have enough traffic to make it worth your while. You can’t just have it show up once and then disappear, which is why you will want to make sure that you have enough traffic coming to your site.

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As you can see, setting up a blog is easy. However, this should not detract from the fact that you need to follow all the rules and regulations as well.

There are also blogs that allow you to add Google AdSense on your site without your permission. These may not be the most secure of sites and will need to be manually blocked if you want to add the ads to your site.

The author of the blog also needs to approve of you adding Google AdSense ads. Some people will approve, but others may block the requests.

Be sure to check out your blogger’s settings to see whether or not they allow you to add the ads. Make sure that you set the size of the ads at a comfortable level and you will not upset your blog.

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