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Crypto Assets: The Best Investment Choice for the World's Community Over the Last Year

The volume of crypto-asset trading in the world during 2019 has decreased significantly compared to 2017. However, crypto assets still have a phenomenal capitalization value and have a performance that is among the highest compared to various other investment options when compared in one year lastly. This makes crypto assets the best investment choice for the past 10 years. Over the past 8 years, the lowest value of bitcoin has been continuously rising every year in a row: 2012: $ 4, 2013: $ 65, 2014, $ 200, 2015: $ 185, 2016: $ 365, $ 2017 $ 780, 2018: $ 3200, 2019: $ 3360.
Crypto Assets -The Best Investment Choice for the World's Community Over the Last Year

What's more, according to data from the past year, the performance of crypto assets during 2018-2019 is considered better than traditional assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities. From the price stability over the past year, Bitcoin has experienced an increase of 80.09% in the past year, while CSPI, gold, and bonds respectively ranged from 2.28%, 14.84%, and 13.15%. Especially from March until the end of 2019, with the emergence of positive sentiments on an ongoing basis making the value of bitcoin trading and crypto-assets skyrocketed again.

Oscar Darmawan, as the CEO of Indodax, explained that the crypto assets and Blockchain technology are now increasingly recognized and favored by the public because of the various innovations that it brings. This can be seen as many agencies have begun to build Blockchain technology to support transparency to the public until the emergence of government support from various countries in the world in the form of regulations that continue to provide space for innovation for people in this field. On the other hand, he also sees investors are now more mature, so they are more skeptical of rumors or slanted news that circulates without basis. "Investors far no longer consider crypto assets to be scary because they are starting to realize that crypto, as well as gold, has value over its digital-physical. In fact, young people actually see this as an excellent opportunity to speculate on crypto which per day can go up and down more than 10%, "said Oscar Darmawan.

Besides that, according to Oscar Darmawan, the presence of a dovish monetary easing policy by some of the world's central banks in the effort to eradicate the China-American trade war and the reduced supply of bitcoin due to Halving Day 2020 will undoubtedly make the demand for bitcoin increase. Meanwhile, supply on the market cannot keep up with the need for bitcoin. As a result, users will again see Bitcoin as an investment in high-value assets in the long term, which is then followed by the growth of the bitcoin trading ecosystem and other crypto assets.

Another factor that we need to highlight is the function of Bitcoin as a safe haven asset class as well as gold, which makes a crisis the most sought after commodity in the country. For example, the phenomenon of heating up Iran's relations with the US currently makes the price of Bitcoin in Iran rise to $ 25,000 per 1 Bitcoin because Iranians are afraid to save their wealth in the event of a war. This is the same as last year's US-North Korean rivalry, which also pushed the price of Bitcoin to rise.
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